Our Friend Stef Makes Home Brew

A highlight from this past summer was getting the chance to drink our friend Stef’s home-brewed beer.

This IPA, so crisp and refreshing, especially on that warm, summer day back in late May, was the first home-brewed beer that wifey and I ever had.

And with our growing interest in craft beers really taking off since the beginning of this year, we were very happy to see the home beer brewing process in person about a week after drinking this delicious IPA, thanks to the kind invitation from Stef, his lovely wife, and their charming kid.

Steeping the grains.


Beer recipe and instructions.


Main ingredients.


Mixing in malt to make wort and then adding hops.


Cleaning and sterilizing.


Wort ice bath.

The homebrewer.


Transferring and then pitching yeast.


Waiting for fermentation and then the transfer to secondary fermentation (which would take 10-14 days) before bottling.


Watching the beer brewing process was completely interesting and inspiring. It’s a labor of love and something I hope to try one of these days soon.

Meanwhile, the kids had a great time playing.

Then, it was time for dinner.


To go along with some beers.

Thanks very much for an awesome time!

As cool as viewing the home brewing process was, it’s much cooler to be able to call you our friends.

Always Grateful,


6 thoughts on “Our Friend Stef Makes Home Brew

  1. Whoaaa beer making looks crazy, hard, and time consuming! But it looks kind of fun actually~
    The food looks so delicious, btw! It’s always so nice to eat with friends, especially when they cook for you.

    1. I can’t wait to try making my own batch of beer. But I’ll be sure to drink in moderation – no slurping and burping by me. :)

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