More Beers from Earlier this Year

Our foray into the better beer world really started earlier this year with the SF Beer Week South Bay event, Meet the Brewers Beer Festival in San Jose, back in February. Since then, wifey and I have been interested in trying different beers and paying closer attention to beer styles and their corresponding characteristics.

This post is a catch-up post reflecting more of the beers (through pictures) that we’ve had throughout this past year up to roughly the end of summer. We enjoyed all of these beers, as wifey and I have similar, flexible tastes.










The below draft beer is the Marzen from Sudwerk Brewery in Davis, which we got at a great Davis restaurant, Caffe Italia.



Again, wifey and I enjoyed all these beers. Our interest in and appreciation for good beer have been growing greatly, and it’s been fun. :) We’ve been starting to keep tasting notes, of which I’ll start posting more going forward.

Cheers! Prost! Gun bae!