New Bohemia Brewing Co. Provides Update of Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Nearby Santa Cruz has a growing beer scene that continues to get stronger. New Bohemia Brewing Company (NuBo) is on track to open this December in the Pleasure Point neighborhood and will feature craft lagers and ales, with an emphasis on paying homage to the Central European brewing traditions and cultures of Bohemia and Bavaria.

NuBo recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $15,000 to help pay for the main bar.

“We’re calling it the ‘Community Bar,’ and to show our appreciation, we’ll even carve your name right into the edge of the bar if you contribute just $75 or more. It will encircle our brew house, allowing you to watch us make our beers, and the beer we serve on tap will be pumped directly from our beer tanks alongside the bar, giving you the absolute freshest, tank-to-table beer experience you can find.

“We have a contractor that could whip up a ‘bar’ for us, but we want to work with local artists to build something that’s special. Your support will give us the resources needed to make it happen.”

NuBo hit their target campaign goal of $15,000 in five days, the quickness of which exceeded their expectations and prompted an update that read, in part:

“This is incredible. In just five days, we reached our target fundraising goal of $15,000. Of course, we did hope to exceed it at some point, so we already have plans to put any additional support to very good use in our bar and tasting area. But we we never thought we’d come so far so quickly. Thank you!!!

“Perhaps more incredible, we also hit half our engagement goal–to have at least 200 people support us at the $75 level or above. We still have 40 days left to go, so at this rate, we are going to have to figure out how we can fit so many names on our bar. But these are good and fun challenges to have.”

With 38 days remaining on the campaign, the chances are very good that they will reach their engagement goal of at least 200 people at the $75 (or more) pledge level.

Visit the NuBo Kickstarter site for more of their story, including background information on co-founder and brewmaster Dan Satterthwaite, and to check out the rest of the pledge packages.

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