Scenes from Steins Beer Garden & Restaurant 3-Year Anniversary Celebration

Steins Beer Garden & Restaurant in downtown Mountain View celebrated their three-year anniversary earlier today with a BBQ feast and a specialty beer list. We were very happy to be able to make it to the event.

Service was wonderful (thank you, Lynna, Will and the rest of the staff), and it is always great to visit with Executive Chef Colby M. Reade. He was busy working side by side with Executive Sous Chef Paco Guzman, who Chef Colby told me is slated to head up the kitchen at Steins; Chef Colby will help start up the new Steins in Cupertino.

The pig roast BBQ was excellent. Among the highlights was the skin of the roast pig – crunchy and flavorful.

The specialty beers we enjoyed were all tasty as well.

Below are some pics:

Executive Chef Colby M. Reade

Executive Sous Chef Paco Guzman and Executive Chef Colby M. Reade

Steins 3-Year 10 IMG_2171

Steins 3-Year 11 IMG_2160

Steins 3-Year 12 IMG_2175

Steins 3-Year 13 IMG_2173
Alesmith Hawaiian Speedway Stout

Steins 3-Year 14 IMG_2182

Steins 3-Year 15 IMG_2184
Mad Frenchman Ale Works Wild Rye’d
Steins 3-Year 16 IMG_2189
Tap It Cafe Noir
Steins 3-Year 17 IMG_2192
Rudy Kuhn of Lagunitas
Steins 3-Year 18 IMG_2194
Friends Mikey, Venice & their girl
Steins 3-year 19 IMG_2196
De Proef/Hair of the Dog Flanders Red
Steins 3-Year 20 IMG_2201
Steins Assistant Manager Lynna Nguyen
Steins 3-Year 21 IMG_2202
Avery Lilikoi Kepolo and To Ol F**k Art Let’s Dance with Gooseberries
Steins 3-Year 22 IMG_2207
Lagunitas Maximus

Steins 3-Year 23 IMG_2209

Steins has played a prominent role in elevating the local beer scene in recent years, and I’ve very much enjoyed following their growth since even before they opened three years ago.

Can’t wait for their second Steins location in Cupertino to open later this year.

Congrats on reaching the three-year mark!

Prost! Gunbae! Cheers!