Scenes from a Recent Visit to Uproar Brewing Company, Buildout Progressing Steadily

Uproar 01 IMG_2027

[Update 6/1/16: Co-founder Steve Vandewater has confirmed with me that local brewmaster Jim Turturici is the new head brewer for Uproar Brewing Company.]

I first visited Uproar Brewing Company – located in downtown San Jose’s SoFA District at 439 S. 1st St. (previously occupied by the ZERO1 Garage) – late last summer. The building was empty then, but Mike and Michele Willaford (Brewmaster and Lead Brewer, respectively) and partner Steve Vandewater showed me around and shared the plans that they had for the space.

Fast forward to earlier this month: I had the chance to check out the progress of the buildout and to get a sneak peek – and taste – of some beers.

It was great to see the progress and to catch up again with Mike, Michele, Steve and Steve’s wife Christina; we had seen them at the Meet the Brewers festival a couple months prior. We also met Dietrich Wahlstrand, his wife Emily and their toddler, and contractor Mike. All genuinely fine, down-to-earth folks.

Mike and Michele have been busy crafting batches of beer at home. Four beers – so far – have received hearty approvals from the team:

  • Blonde Ale, 4.5% ABV, 15 IBUs
  • Galactic Pegasus IPA, 8.1% ABV, 87 IBUs
  • Honey Oat Pale, 5.8% ABV, 38 IBUs
  • Everblack Oatmeal Stout, 6.0% ABV, 35 IBUs

Simply put, these beers were tasty, well balanced and left me wanting several glasses more of each.

According to Brewmaster Mike, the brewhouse is set to arrive in May, and guests can expect about a dozen of their beers on tap – possibly more – when Uproar opens later this year.

On to more pics below:

Uproar 02 IMG_2026

Uproar 03 IMG_1922
Standing where the kitchen area will be.

Uproar 04 IMG_1919

Uproar 05 IMG_1912
Artwork by Christina Vandewater.

Uproar 06 IMG_1925

Uproar 07 IMG_1924
The bar area.
Uproar 08 IMG_1906
There’ll be up to 16 beers on tap at Uproar.

Uproar 09 IMG_1923

Uproar 10 IMG_1928
Wraps by Dietrich Wahlstrand.

Uproar 11 IMG_1901

Where the brewery will be.
Where the brewery will be.

Uproar 13 IMG_1945

Uproar 14 IMG_1947
Uproar Brewing Galactic Pegasus IPA
Uproar 15 IMG_1953
Andrea and I enjoying Galactic Pegasus IPA.
Uproar 16 IMG_1954
Uproar Brewmaster Mike Willaford and Lead Brewer Michele Willaford connecting a keg.
Uproar 17 IMG_1965
Uproar Brewing Everblack Oatmeal Stout

Uproar 18 IMG_1968

Uproar 19 IMG_1971
Michele, Mike, Emily and Steve.
Uproar 20 IMG_1976
Mike and Christina.
Uproar 22 IMG_1981
Michelle, Steve, Mike, Dietrich and Christina.

Uproar 23 IMG_1985

Uproar 24 IMG_1996
Uproar Brewing Honey Oat Pale.
Uproar 25 IMG_1998
Uproar Brewing Blonde Ale.

Uproar 26 IMG_2002

Uproar 27 IMG_2012

Uproar 28 IMG_2018

The opening of Uproar Brewing Company cannot come soon enough.

Can’t wait!

Prost! Gunbae! Cheers!