Where to Catch Bruery Terreux’s Jeremy Grinkey during SF Beer Week

Jeremy Grinkey (credit: Bruery Terreux)
Jeremy Grinkey (credit: Bruery Terreux)

Wanted to pass along the following item, especially for local fans of Anaheim’s Bruery Terreux, located just three miles from The Bruery itself.

Their head cellarman, Jeremy Grinkey, will be making the trek from Anaheim to the Bay Area in the coming week.

It’ll be a homecoming of sorts for Jeremy, as he previously worked as the assistant winemaker for Jason-Stephens Winery in Gilroy. Jeremy joined Bruery Terreux at the beginning of 2015.

Bruery Terreux has previously stated that they likely have more similarities to a winery than a brewery, and there’s a great “Working Like a Winery” blog series on their website that showcases the comparisons between beer and wine production. It’s a quick read and an informational one at that:

Working Like a Winery: Fruit Fermentation (Nov. 8, 2016)

Working Like a Winery: Comparing 6 Processes (May 11, 2016)

Working Like a Winery: Process-Driven Terroir (March 30, 2016)

Working Like a Winery: Nature’s Role (Feb. 25, 2016)

Working Like a Winery: Terroir (Jan. 28, 2016)

Working Like a Winery: Introduction (Dec. 16, 2015)

Jeremy is scheduled to attend and participate in the following events throughout SF Beer Week, including a visit to Original Gravity Public House on Feb. 14:

  • 2/11 – The Reunion with The Bruery, Societe Brewing & The Rare Barrel at The Rare Barrel, Berkeley
  • 2/12 – Tap Takeover at Harry’s Hofbrau, San Leandro
  • 2/13 – Grand Sour Tasting at Fat Angel Food & Libation, SF
  • 2/14 – Sour Fest at Original Gravity Public House
  • 2/15 – Wild & Sour Takeover at Old Bus Tavern, SF
  • 2/16 – Almanac & Friends Sour Fest, SF

About Bruery Terreux

Bruery Terreux is a boutique craft brewery located in Orange County, CA specializing in farmhouse-style wild and sour ales. Bruery Terreux is rustic, traditional, familial, yet innovative and independent in spirit. Founded on an exciting revitalization of age-old traditions blended with current culture and newly forging practices, Bruery Terreux tells the story of wildly traditional bière.

Bruery Terreux, which loosely translates from French to “Earthy Bruery” was developed by Patrick Rue of The Bruery as a space to focus on and experiment with wild beers. While The Bruery had been creating such beers since their foundation in 2008, this new opportunity provides a dedicated space, equipment, and most importantly, staff to concentrate upon and go further within the process than ever before.

Bruery Terreux is founded on the excitement that Patrick and our team felt while creating wild ales under The Bruery’s moniker and we continue to strive for that same passion in every aspect of our business today. We never stop challenging ourselves to develop distinctive & imaginative beers, constantly pursuing improvement in all that we do. We brew dozens of original beers each year with our list of ingredients and inspirations growing perpetually. We are inspired by the old world and many of our techniques remain similar to those farmhouse brewers of Belgium or France, but our innovations for quality and creativity never cease.