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About Hermitage Brewing Company

In part from their website (Jan. ’17):

“Hermitage Brewing. We think of our beers as ‘A Retreat From the Ordinary.’

“We are not a mainstream brewery. We don’t copy; we create. Brewmaster Peter and Cellarmaster Greg are obsessive about our quality, and passionately focus on brewing beers that are flavorful, rich in character, aroma driven and unique.

“We make beers we want to drink. We are finding an audience for this. Are you with us? We’re always experimenting with new ideas and new approaches that take us –outside the ordinary.

“We brew 3-4 beers a day, six or seven days a week. Each beer has a story, starting with the best ingredients from around the world, twice-filtered water adjusted to the ideal water chemistry for the style of beer we are creating.

“We have deep roots. Our first brewpub opened in 1987, one of the first half dozen in the Golden State, and is still open today. You may not have heard of Hermitage, but we have been busy brewing for many other Bay Area breweries’ brands since we opened our production facility in San Jose opened in 2008. In fact, our volume puts us in the top 5% of breweries in the USA.

“The size gives us crazy access to technology, people, hops, etc. Our own brand is just now coming into its own, and is rapidly becoming a popular choice, racking up a good share of awards…

“Once you are here, seek out our select American sour beers, a mix of traditional Belgium fermentation techniques and today’s modern, local foodie culture. Since 2008, we’ve pioneered sour brews where nuanced flavors present themselves from a lovely mix of wild yeast, bacteria, toasted oak barrels, herbs, spices, and seasonal fruits.

“Cellarmaster Greg blends each batch from 50-120 oak barrels, aged between one and three years for a depth and complexity you can’t achieve with “kettle sours” or small batches. Your palate will enjoy both dry and sweet, delicious and tart, and crisp and funky. No one note overpowers the symphony.

“Enjoy tasting our wide array of sours and other finely crafted, fresh, unique beers in our colorful and laid back tap room. Our staff will gladly guide you through the wide range of beers we brew, including specialty cask ales Cellarmaster Greg, along with his brewing team, come up with.

“Join us in our retreat from the ordinary. You’ll be happy you did. *burp*”


Hermitage Brewing Company, San Jose
1627 S 7th St., 408-291-0966

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