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Scenes from Soon-to-Open Uproar Brewing Company

Uproar Brewing

Look for an announcement soon on the exact opening date for the much-anticipated Uproar Brewing Company in downtown San Jose’s SoFA district, located at 439 S. 1st St.

I got a sneak peek a couple weeks ago of Uproar Brewing’s first official beer. Grant Kjos, taproom manager and one of Uproar’s founding members, poured me a glass of Uproar Saison. The Saison was tasty, refreshing, clean and easy drinking.

Uproar 2017-03-19 01

Uproar 2017-03-19 02

And earlier this week, I returned to Uproar for a preview of what was in store for the opening.

The view upon entering the restaurant and brewery.

Uproar 2017-03-29 01

The kitchen is to the right.

Uproar 2017-03-29 02

The bar.

Uproar 2017-03-29 03

Beer list.

Uproar 2017-03-29 04

Steve Vandewater, who is the co-partner of Uproar Brewing along with his wife Christina, stands next to the six barrels that were recently filled with Uproar Saison.

Uproar 2017-03-29 05

Jim Turturici, Uproar’s brewmaster, strikes a pose.

Uproar 2017-03-29 06

Uproar Saison was brewed by Jim at Uncommon Brewers in Santa Cruz. Uproar awaits final approvals to be able to start brewing on their own equipment.

Uproar Saison on a beautiful copper countertop with a view to the brewery.

Uproar 2017-03-29 07

Wifey, the kid and Steve.

Uproar 2017-03-29 08

Jim was busy showing folks around the brewery, including Dan Satterthwaite of New Bohemia Brewing Company.

Uproar 2017-03-29 09

The view of the restaurant and bar from the brewery side.

Uproar 2017-03-29 10

The menu.

Uproar 2017-03-29 11

Uproar 2017-03-29 12

Uproar 2017-03-29 13

Uproar 2017-03-29 14

Stuffed Figs & Demi-Glace: Figs, walnuts, thyme, goat cheese, wrapped in pan-seared prosciutto and demi-glace drizzle.

Uproar 2017-03-29 16

Lamb Lollipops: Brazilian-inspired rack of lamb sous vide and grilled to temp, red wine and blackberry reduction mint jam, goat cheese wonton crust, micro greens and basil.

Uproar 2017-03-29 15

Barbeque Pork Belly Sliders and Fries: BBQ broiled pork belly, creamy garlic slaw made with sliced fennel, frisee, carrot, shallot and alfalfa sprouts.

Uproar 2017-03-29 17

Classic Sliders and Fries: 3-oz. Angus beef patty, American cheese, butter, lettuce, tomato, house pickles, red onion and house tomato chutney.

Uproar 2017-03-29 18

The kitchen staff.

Uproar 2017-03-29 19

The kitchen is headed by James Thornton, who previously worked at Paper Plane.

Uproar 2017-03-29 20

Great service throughout the evening.

Uproar 2017-03-29 21

Beer tasting: Elkhorn Slough Hoppy Jewel American Wild Ale, Uproar Saison, Alvarado St. The Revolution Will Not Be Clarified Double IPA and Uproar Porter, which was brewed at Santa Clara Valley Brewing.

Uproar 2017-03-29 22

Uproar 2017-03-29 23

Catching up with Derek Stanfill of Oskar Blues Brewery.

Uproar 2017-03-29 24

Christina and Steve Vandewater.

Uproar 2017-03-29 26

Uproar 2017-03-29 25

The space is big and great, and to put it simply, the beers were tasty, the food was delicious, the service was excellent and the vibe was warm, lively and friendly. We can’t wait for Uproar to open.

If the preview is any indication, I predict that there’ll be many other satisfied guests when Uproar Brewing Company opens.

Cheers! Prost! Gunbae!


Uproar Brewing Company August 2016 Update

Uproar 01

I visited Uproar Brewing Company again recently – located in downtown San Jose’s SoFA District – and met up with partner Steve Vandewater, head brewer Jim Turturici and food honcho Dietrich Wahlstrand. They had already given me word that a lot of construction was taking place with dust everywhere, that the kitchen space had been set up and that most of the brewery was in place.

Jim was waiting for the last of the brewing equipment to arrive. Piping, electrical, etc. will be set up after that, with brewing to finally commence upon receipt of licensing approval.

With an annual capacity of 4,000 BBL (1 BBL or barrel is equivalent to 31 gallons), Jim said that he’s aiming for 300 BBL the first year.

The beer lineup is yet to be formulated, but expect wine barrels to be utilized from the get go.

Uproar 16
Uproar head brewer Jim Turturici (left) and co-founder Steve Vandewater

From the food and restaurant side, Dietrich indicated that they were working on the menu and that he would know more – and be ready to share some interesting news – very soon.

Uproar 17
Dietrich Wahlstrand

Regarding any ETAs on possible opening dates, Steve said that Uproar would open as soon as possible. And though no specific target dates were mentioned, all were hopeful that Uproar will open by the end of the year.

Below are additional photos from my recent visit.

Uproar 02

Uproar 03

Uproar 04

Uproar 05

Uproar 06

Uproar 07

Uproar 08

Uproar 09

Uproar 10

Uproar 11

Uproar 12

Uproar 13

Uproar 14

Uproar 15

I know a bunch of folks who eagerly await Uproar’s opening. Uproar also continues to pique interest from folks who are interested in seeing how much their opening will help vitalize the area.

I’m excited about all that as well.

At the same time, it’s always a special treat to see first-hand the buildout of a local brewery or beer-centric establishment, and it’s been great seeing the continued steady progress taking place at Uproar.

Uproar Brewing Company Confirms Local Award-Winning Brewmaster Jim Turturici as New Head Brewer

Jim Turturici (center) flanked by Hermitage Brewing's Greg Filippi (left) and Uncommon Brewers' Alec Stefansky (right) at a local beer festival earlier this year
Jim Turturici (center) flanked by Hermitage Brewing’s Greg Filippi (left) and Uncommon Brewers’ Alec Stefansky (right) at the SoFA District’s Winter Market earlier this year

It’s official. Co-founder Steve Vandewater confirmed with me earlier today that local brewmaster Jim Turturici is the new head brewer for Uproar Brewing Company.

Jim fills the position recently vacated by Mike Willaford, who announced last month that he and his wife Michelle had parted ways with Uproar Brewing and would be returning home to Minnesota.

Jim is a familiar face in the local beer scene with a stellar resume. His six years of brewing at Campbell Brewing Company culminated in his winning multiple medals at the most prestigious beer competitions, including gold in the Scottish-Style Ale category at the 2013 Great American Beer Festival (GABF) and silver in the British-Style Imperial Stout category at the 2014 World Beer Cup. His hot streak continued at the 2014 GABF when he won silver in the Barley Wine-Style Ale category.

More recently, Jim has been brewing at Uncommon Brewers in Santa Cruz while in the early stages of starting his own brewery – Bellpenny Brewing Company – with business partner Char Boger.

That’s the quick bit of news for now, but I’ll be sure to post another update soon.

Scenes from a Recent Visit to Uproar Brewing Company, Buildout Progressing Steadily

Uproar 01 IMG_2027

[Update 6/1/16: Co-founder Steve Vandewater has confirmed with me that local brewmaster Jim Turturici is the new head brewer for Uproar Brewing Company.]

I first visited Uproar Brewing Company – located in downtown San Jose’s SoFA District at 439 S. 1st St. (previously occupied by the ZERO1 Garage) – late last summer. The building was empty then, but Mike and Michele Willaford (Brewmaster and Lead Brewer, respectively) and partner Steve Vandewater showed me around and shared the plans that they had for the space.

Fast forward to earlier this month: I had the chance to check out the progress of the buildout and to get a sneak peek – and taste – of some beers.

It was great to see the progress and to catch up again with Mike, Michele, Steve and Steve’s wife Christina; we had seen them at the Meet the Brewers festival a couple months prior. We also met Dietrich Wahlstrand, his wife Emily and their toddler, and contractor Mike. All genuinely fine, down-to-earth folks.

Mike and Michele have been busy crafting batches of beer at home. Four beers – so far – have received hearty approvals from the team:

  • Blonde Ale, 4.5% ABV, 15 IBUs
  • Galactic Pegasus IPA, 8.1% ABV, 87 IBUs
  • Honey Oat Pale, 5.8% ABV, 38 IBUs
  • Everblack Oatmeal Stout, 6.0% ABV, 35 IBUs

Simply put, these beers were tasty, well balanced and left me wanting several glasses more of each.

According to Brewmaster Mike, the brewhouse is set to arrive in May, and guests can expect about a dozen of their beers on tap – possibly more – when Uproar opens later this year.

On to more pics below:

Uproar 02 IMG_2026

Uproar 03 IMG_1922
Standing where the kitchen area will be.

Uproar 04 IMG_1919

Uproar 05 IMG_1912
Artwork by Christina Vandewater.

Uproar 06 IMG_1925

Uproar 07 IMG_1924
The bar area.
Uproar 08 IMG_1906
There’ll be up to 16 beers on tap at Uproar.

Uproar 09 IMG_1923

Uproar 10 IMG_1928
Wraps by Dietrich Wahlstrand.

Uproar 11 IMG_1901

Where the brewery will be.
Where the brewery will be.

Uproar 13 IMG_1945

Uproar 14 IMG_1947
Uproar Brewing Galactic Pegasus IPA
Uproar 15 IMG_1953
Andrea and I enjoying Galactic Pegasus IPA.
Uproar 16 IMG_1954
Uproar Brewmaster Mike Willaford and Lead Brewer Michele Willaford connecting a keg.
Uproar 17 IMG_1965
Uproar Brewing Everblack Oatmeal Stout

Uproar 18 IMG_1968

Uproar 19 IMG_1971
Michele, Mike, Emily and Steve.
Uproar 20 IMG_1976
Mike and Christina.
Uproar 22 IMG_1981
Michelle, Steve, Mike, Dietrich and Christina.

Uproar 23 IMG_1985

Uproar 24 IMG_1996
Uproar Brewing Honey Oat Pale.
Uproar 25 IMG_1998
Uproar Brewing Blonde Ale.

Uproar 26 IMG_2002

Uproar 27 IMG_2012

Uproar 28 IMG_2018

The opening of Uproar Brewing Company cannot come soon enough.

Can’t wait!

Prost! Gunbae! Cheers!


Introducing Uproar Brewing Company, Plus Q & A with Uproar Brewmaster Mike Willaford

Uproar Brewing Company set to open in SoFA district in downtown San Jose in late winter
Uproar Brewing Company set to open in SoFA district in downtown San Jose in late winter

[Update 6/1/16: Co-founder Steve Vandewater has confirmed with me that local brewmaster Jim Turturici is the new head brewer for Uproar Brewing Company.]

Uproar Brewing Co. announced on Twitter early last month that construction of their brewery and taproom would start in several weeks in the SoFA District of downtown San Jose (439 S. 1st St.) to open in late winter. Since the initial announcement, Uproar has tweeted additional tidbits.

“A little fact about us: Our brewers are from Minnesota. Our Brewmaster worked at Surly Brewing, and his wife is also a professional brewer.”

I was excited to see these tweets. A San Jose beer corridor has taken shape just outside of downtown San Jose with the likes of Santa Clara Valley Brewing, Hermitage Brewing Company and Strike Brewing Co. – and previously Clandestine Brewing. But I wondered, along with others, if there would ever be a new brewery in downtown San Jose. Thanks to Uproar Brewing, the time for a downtown brewery is upon us.

Mike Willaford, Uproar’s brewmaster, and his wife Michele have been busy preparing their move from Minneapolis, Minnesota to San Jose. Mike generously took time out of his hectic schedule to answer questions about Uproar Brewing Co., including how Uproar came about, who the partners are, what his favorite beers were to make at well-regarded Surly Brewing, and more. I wrote a short piece on Uproar for SanJose.com last week, but the full interview is below. Note that Mike was quick to point out that his answers represented a collaborative effort from the members of Uproar, all of whom have been busy in helping to start the brewery.

Who are the folks behind Uproar Brewing Co.? Briefly share your backgrounds.

Steve Vandewater (not-so-silent partner and long-term member of the IT community): After a lifetime in information technology, Steve has finally seen the light. He grew up and went to school on the smallest of the Great Lakes. He says he has a couple of degrees but since they are from Canada, he’s not certain they count. This does explain his ardent belief that hockey is the best sport in the world. He brings a long-time wine fanatics approach to beer which explains his devotion to “the nose.” Moved around several states “whenever his picture showed up in the post office” but has found a home in the South Bay.

Christina Vandewater (not-so-silent partner and long-term member of the IT community): Born and raised in Indiana. Education: Computer Science (Major) / Mathematics (Minor) from Indiana University. Brewing education: Whatever Mike and Michele teach me. Lots of experience making bottles empty, none in filling bottles … yet. Spent the last 20 years doing major business transformations involving process and technology redesign in many industries; my propeller beanie hat spins faster than the rest of the team’s. Hobbies: Harley-riding artist with a mini zoo.

Mike Willaford (Brewmaster): Mike is the brains behind the beer machine. Born in Oklahoma, he moved to Minnesota after moving on from touring and playing music. He has been in the beer business since 2006 and a brewer since 2008. In his career, has brewed for breweries like Surly Brewing Company, Lift Bridge Brewery, and most recently Sociable Cider Werks as Head Brewer. He believes metal is the best genre of music, that dogs that weigh under 130 lbs are small dogs, and bar-b-que is the best way to cook.

Michele Willaford (Lead Brewer): Michele was born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and early in her life moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts. She began her collegiate career at Harvard University and The University of Massachusetts Boston before transferring to the University of Minnesota and finishing her bachelor in Anthropology. When she and Mike began dating she gained an interest in home brewing, which led her to a job with Northern Brewer Home Brew Supply. After years of honing her home brewing skills, she accepted a brewer position at Northbound Smokehouse and Brewpub in Minneapolis.

Dietrich Wahlstrand (Food): Dietrich, a native to San Jose, spent his youth causing a ruckus in the quiet neighborhood of Willow Glen. He attended Willow Glen High School and San Jose City College. He has spent the last 15 years pursuing his passion in catering; experimenting and creating cutting edge tasty eats. All the while tending to his two beautiful children, the teenager and toddler. You might spot the toddler at the brewery as the resident brewery baby and charmer. But don’t fret; neither toddler nor teenager are brew taste testers. Dietrich enjoys a good run, taking on crazy construction projects and being a loving daddy and husband when he is not focused on opening this awesome brewery. In the past few months Dietrich and team have been dedicating their lives to this project and are very excited about aiming to please.

Grant Kjos (Taproom): Grant grew up in a small Minnesotan town, where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average. Studied American Studies at the University of Minnesota… and Latin, which was neat. Started home brewing about 8 years ago because his wife said he needed a hobby. Years of working at his LHBS (local home brew shop) has embiggened Grant with a noble spirit, and a cromulent sense of purpose. His vast knowledge of crystals and ancient aliens promises to serve Uproar with the best energies. You will find him behind the bar talking about movies and Hollywood gossip a bit too eagerly.

Everybody on the team is living, or has lived, in downtown San Jose, and almost everybody is an escapee from the lands of ice and snow.

How did the idea for Uproar Brewing Co. come about?

Actually that’s a pretty good story. Michele and I have been talking for years about starting our own brewery. It’s an expensive business to start so that made it more of a dream. That dream also involved opening a brewery someplace where snow was a rare experience.

Friends of ours, Grant and Tiffany Kjos, moved to San Jose when she was hired by Apple. They found a nice duplex to rent, and Grant asked the landlord if he minded him growing some plants in the yard. The owner, Dietrich Wahlstrand, asked him what kind of plants because you can’t be too careful. Grant’s answer was hops, which I think was about the second least likely answer Dietrich expected.

It turned out that Steve and Dietrich had been trying to put together a craft beer project for a while. They had some ideas but were missing someone to brew the beer. Grant said, “I know someone you need to talk to.”

Shortly after that Michele and I came to San Jose and spent four days getting a rough idea of what we wanted to do. With the six of us sitting around Steve and Christina’s dining room table, a plan came together. We have been working since April on the plan and the 8,000 things you have to do to start a brewery.

How did you come up with the name Uproar?

We really thought about what we wanted to achieve with our beer and who we are. Uproar fit that description. We want to cause a stir with our beers, an Uproar, if you will. Do something outside of the box.

What is the Uproar mission?

We want to create great beers and give San Jose a great place for people to enjoy themselves. Our mission for the brewery has been the same since day one: Complexity, finesse, dexterity. We also plan to be involved with the community as much as we can. One of the first things we talked about was how to set up our first charitable events.

Why select San Jose?

It has been a dream for Michele and me to start a brewery for a long time now, and when we visited the South Bay Area, we realized “This is where we want to live in and brew beer for.” The team looked for good locations throughout the South Bay. We gained an amazing response and support from the city of San Jose, the Downtown Association and the other businesses in the SoFA district. That made San Jose an easy choice.

How did you manage to secure the downtown San Jose location?

Once it was on our radar, we felt that this was the space for us, and we inquired about it. All parties involved seemed to really like the idea of a brewery in downtown San Jose, and it worked out for the best.

Regarding the site/space, how big is it? (The former ZERO1 Garage spaced looked to be quite big.)

It’s a little over 10,200 square feet with a lot of character, featuring exposed brick, industrial concrete floors, and a 24 foot high wood ceiling. We liked the kind of industrial feel that we plan to continue in our taproom.

Can you share some of the site details (size of the brewery space, size of the taproom, how many taps, etc.) and plans (space for barrel-aging programs, will the taproom offer food, etc.)?

We are going to have a very spacious taproom with a full kitchen. The brewery will take up a large portion of the building, leaving space for events. We will have twelve taps for house beers, and as we have shown via Twitter, there will be a barrel-aging program.

What are the specs. of the brewhouse?

We will open with a 10 barrel brew house from Criveller Brew Tech. It is a steam driven system. We will have six fermenters and one bright tank. I’ve worked with a Criveller brewhouse before, and I know we can make great beer with it.

What is your favorite Surly beer that you helped brew?

Blakkr. It was a collaboration brew with Three Floyds and Real Ale. It was great challenge of a beer to brew, and I was able to get to know some really awesome brewers through the process.

What beer styles do you enjoy drinking and brewing the most? What are your specialties?

I love lagers and a good Kolsch. With those styles of beer there is no place to hide. Either the brewer knows what they are doing or their mistakes will be pretty obvious. I also would say that those fall into my specialties as well.

What can we expect for the initial set of beer offerings?

Expect the unexpected. We plan to have four flagship beers and rotate different beers in and out. My wife and I will have his and hers tap lines, which showcase our individual brewing styles. I lean towards the side of creativity with my brewing while Michele gives the balance of classic styles.

Are you familiar yet with the San Jose/South Bay beer scene? (We’ve seen a lot of growth the past several years; yet many think – I agree – that there’s room yet for more growth, especially on the brewery front.)

There are some good breweries in San Jose, but there is plenty of room for more. Michele and I visited in April and checked out a few of the breweries and bars, but we are more than excited to join and help grow the San Jose craft beer scene.

You and your wife (as you shared via Twitter last month) will be moving here to San Jose in late July. Do you have any ties to San Jose/the South Bay?

We have our Uproar team members and a few friends.

What’s the best way for folks to connect with Uproar to keep tabs on construction and opening date statuses?

Twitter: @uproarbrewingco

Instagram: @uproarbrewingcompany

Facebook: uproarbrewingco

Website: www.Uproarbrewingco.com (coming soon)

Anything else to add?

Keep watching our progress. We can’t wait to bring our beers to San Jose.

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Uproar Brewing Headed to SoFA District

Michele and Mike Willaford are moving to San Jose from Minnesota to open Uproar Brewing in the SoFA District (Photo courtesy of Mike Willaford)
Michele and Mike Willaford are moving to San Jose from Minnesota to open Uproar Brewing in the SoFA District (Photo courtesy of Mike Willaford)

[Update 6/1/16: Co-founder Steve Vandewater has confirmed with me that local brewmaster Jim Turturici is the new head brewer for Uproar Brewing Company.]

The move from Minneapolis to San Jose can’t come soon enough for husband-and-wife brewers Mike and Michele Willaford, who arrive this week with plans to open Uproar Brewing Company in the SoFA District by this winter.

Construction of the new brewery will begin this month at the 10,200-square-foot space formerly occupied by Zero1 Garage. It will be home to a spacious taproom featuring 12 taps for house beers, a full kitchen and room for a barrel-aging program and special events.

Silicon Valley’s beer scene is on an upward trajectory, with several new and established breweries that cater to a growing base of beer enthusiasts, “but there is plenty of room for more,” says Mike Willaford, who will serve as brewmaster with his wife, Michele, head brewer.

“Michele and I visited in April and checked out a few of the breweries and bars,” he says. “We are more than excited to join and help grow the San Jose craft beer scene.” Plus, the Willafords can escape Minnesota’s winter chill after years of discussing ideas for their own brewery.

Mike Willaford’s previous brewing experience includes time at venerable Surly Brewing Company in Minneapolis, Lift Bridge Brewery in Stillwater, Minn., and most recently Sociable Cider Werks, also in Minneapolis. Michele has brewed at Northbound Smokehouse and Brewpub in Minneapolis.

In addition to the Willafords, the management team at Uproar includes partners Steve and Christina Vandewater, long-time members of the tech industry; San Jose native and catering veteran Dietrich Wahlstrand; and home brewing specialist Grant Kjos.

“We plan to have four flagship beers, and rotate different beers in and out,” Mike Willaford says. “My wife and I will have his-and-hers tap lines, which will showcase our individual brewing styles. I lean toward the side of creativity with my brewing while giving a balance of classic styles.”

The team aims for a late winter opening. Meanwhile, Zero1, the arts organization that was based in the same space since 2012, is leaving its SoFA District headquarters as it continues to plan the 2016 Zero1 Biennial in San Jose and other global initiatives.

Follow Uproar Brewing’s progress on Twitter @uproarbrewingco.

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