July 2012: Taking Inventory of the San Jose Area Craft Beer Establishments

July 2012 - Taking inventory of the local craft beer establishments
July 2012 – Taking inventory of the local craft beer establishments

The craft beer landscape in San Jose and the South Bay has changed dramatically since last December’s article on the prevailing sources for craft beer in the greater San Jose area.

And the list of craft beer-centric businesses that have just opened or are set to open this year continues to grow.

In downtown San Jose, the list includes Original Gravity Public House craft beer bar, ISO: Beers craft beer bar and tasting lounge, and Blackbird Tavern.

In Campbell, there is Liquid Bread gastropub.

In Mountain View, there are Jane’s Beer Store, South Bay’s first specialty beer store, and Steins Beer Garden + Restaurant.

Put simply, there are more South Bay businesses offering better beer. Please take a look at the top South Bay beer spots below, as well as a list of home brew clubs and shops and South Bay beer resources.

San Jose/South Bay/Greater South Bay Craft Beer Bars

This list is ever growing and put together by a couple of beer fans (yours truly and yours truly’s wife), and we know that there’s more exploration and learning to do. Everyone’s opinion is their own – it’s up to you to figure out which places earn your return visits. We’d be happy to know what you think and to know your favorite South Bay beer-related establishments – please comment below, email gratefulhubby@gmail.com, or send a tweet to @gratefulhubby.

San Jose/South Bay Breweries, Brewing Companies, Brewpubs, Tasting Rooms

A great quality for good beer is its freshness, and you can’t get any fresher than beer that’s brewed locally.

San Jose/South Bay Craft Beer Stores and Bottle Shops

South Bay Restaurants that Feature Beer Dinners

South Bay homebrew clubs

South Bay homebrew shops

South Bay Beer Resources

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