Some Beer and Food Pics from our Summer Germany Trip 2012 Part 1 of 2

We recently returned from a family trip to Germany.

We visited beer cities like Munich and Bamberg, and I certainly had my fair share of locally made pilsners, hefeweizens, dunkel weizens, and rauchbiers.

Everything about this trip was memorable and just about perfect, and from a beer-related standpoint, it was wonderful to learn about, and soak in, the German beer culture where basically, beer is no big deal and overall, just a normal part of life.

Here are some of the beer and food pics:


Just very grateful to have had this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thanks to wifey’s parents and her aunt for letting us stay at their beautiful homes and, along with wifey’s sister and family, for taking such great care of us.

Always Grateful,